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Zorah products are made from organically grown ingredients certified by either Ecocert or Québec Vrai. Zorah products do not contain any animal products or mineral oils (ex.: petroleum) and are not tested on animals. Zorah ensures the quality and origins of the raw materials they use in their products. Zorah proves that it is possible to make high-end body care products without resorting to ingredients harmful to your health or the environment.

This Beauty Package Includes:

1- Blue - Liquid Eyeliner
2- Honolulu - Eye Shadow
3- Mascara - Volume

About Blue - Liquid Eyeliner:

12 hours of long-lasting intense color, transfer-free (leaves no trace on crease above the eyelid) Pure Light Capture® minerals deliver color and radiance. Silky lines and refreshingly light, Pure Argan eyeliner leaves a weightless feel on the eyelids.

About Honolulu - Eye Shadow:

Anti-aging formula made with organic Pure Argan oil and Pure Light Capture® pigments. 24 Hour crease-free intensity (no build-up increase of eyelid), no running. Pure Light Capture® pigments deliver color and luminosity. Silky and refreshingly light feel, Pure Argan eyeshadow is weightless on the eyelids. Pure Argan eyeshadow soothes, reduces redness, regenerates and slows down the ageing process all thanks to our organic Argan oil.

About Mascara - Volume:

Supple and fine bristles at the tip of the brush surround and separate even the tiniest lash, while firm and thick bristles at the base of the brush shape lashes. Apply a generous amount to really make your eyes stand out. Intense black color from pure mineral pigments. This unique formula, enriched with organic Argan oil, surrounds and treats each lash to give it breathtaking volume and perfect definition. Opthalmologically tested. Suitable for use with contact lenses. Fast-drying.

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