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Zorah products are made from organically grown ingredients certified by either Ecocert or Québec Vrai. Zorah products do not contain any animal products or mineral oils (ex.: petroleum) and are not tested on animals. Zorah ensures the quality and origins of the raw materials they use in their products. Zorah proves that it is possible to make high-end body care products without resorting to ingredients harmful to your health or the environment.

This Beauty Package Includes:

1- Organic Cosmetic Argan Oil
2- Freyja-Pocket with Brushes
3- BBB-Beauty Balm Cream-Rose

About Organic Cosmetic Argan Oil:

Used for thousands of years by Moroccans, Organic and Fair Trade cosmetic organic Argan oil is a fantastic way to revitalize skin, nails and hair. Zorah’s Pure Argan oil is produced by Berber women cooperatives in southern Morocco and is therefore 100% fair-trade and organic.

About Freyja-Pocket with Brushes:

Zorah biocosmetics presents the Freyja brush set. Goddess of love and beauty, Freyja, will make you a professional makeup artist! This set includes the washable and gorgeous Zorah pouch and a complete set of 5 makeup brushes made of eco-friendly wood and synthetic hair. Zorah brush set includes:Zorah brush # 1: Foundation, Zorah brush # 2: Concealer and eyeshadow, Zorah brush # 3: Eyeshadow, Zorah brush # 4: Eyeliner and eyeshadow, Zorah brush # 5: Lips

About BBB-Beauty Balm Cream-Rose:

BB Cream is also know as a "Beauty Balm" Cream. It is a hybrid between a day cream and a foundation. It is also a 2 in 1 cream, or rather 7 in 1 in the case of Zorah's BBB Cream: BIOrganic Beauty Balm! Hydrates + Illuminates +Unifies + Mattifies + Correct. With its light, non-greasy texture, BBB Cream is easy to apply, penetrates rapidly, and leaves a pleasant, refreshing feel.

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