Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Sale
Cyber Monday Sale
  1. Citrus Infustions Kit
    CAD $21.99
    Orange Oil, Tangerine Oil, Lime Oil, essential, citrus Learn More
  2. Disinfecting Essential Oils Kit
    CAD $39.99
    Tea Tree Oil, Pine Needle Oil, Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Blend, Lavender & Tea Tree Oil, essential oil, cleaning, disinfecting, Learn More
  3. Relax Kit
    CAD $45.99
    Lavender Oil Peaceful Sleep Blend Peace & Harmony Blend Eucalyptus Oil essential oil relax stress Learn More
  4. Pep In Your Step Kit
    CAD $75.99
    Energy, diffuser, kit, essential oil, bundle, Learn More
  5. Peace Out and Quite Kit
    CAD $89.99
    Essential Oil, peace, calm, bamboo, diffuser. Learn More
  6. Love at First Scent Kit
    CAD $89.99
    Love, Essential Oils, Kit, Scent, Bergamot, Cinnamon Cassia, Rose Absolute, Naturally Loveable, Learn More
  7. Flower Extract Kits
    CAD $125.99
    Geranium Oil, Bottled Bouquet EO Blend, Organic Lavender Oil, Pennyroyal Oil, Jasmine Absolute Learn More

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