1. Organic Assorted Healthy Rice Kit
    CAD $14.99
    Arborio Rice, Long Brown Rice, Brown Basmati & Wild Rice, Organic Assorted Healthy Rice Kit Learn More
  2. Citrus Infustions Kit
    CAD $21.99
    Orange Oil, Tangerine Oil, Lime Oil, essential, citrus Learn More
  3. Baby Care Package
    CAD $29.99
    This bundle is specially created for babies prone to eczema or with dry, sensitive skin. All products in this packages are dermatologically tested, non-irritating and hypoallergenic. Learn More
  4. Healthy Sugar Replacement Package
    CAD $36.99
    Stevia Quick Dissolve Instant Tabs, Date Sugar, Coconut Sugar, Golden Cane Sugar, Healthy Sugar Replacement Package Learn More
  5. Sports Package
    CAD $36.99
    Creatine Monohydrate Pure Powder, NOW Sports Shaker Drink Bottle, L-Glutamine Pure Powder, Sports Package Learn More
  6. Disinfecting Essential Oils Kit
    CAD $39.99
    Tea Tree Oil, Pine Needle Oil, Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Blend, Lavender & Tea Tree Oil, essential oil, cleaning, disinfecting, Learn More
  7. Relax Kit
    CAD $45.99
    Lavender Oil Peaceful Sleep Blend Peace & Harmony Blend Eucalyptus Oil essential oil relax stress Learn More
  8. Essential Vitamins For You
    CAD $49.99
    Jamieson's Timed Release contains a high-quality source of vitamins. The formula is processed without the use of heat or solvents in order to prevent compromising the integrity and effectiveness of this important nutrient complex. Learn More
  9. Anti-Aging Package
    CAD $49.99
    Anti-Aging Package for you Learn More
  10. Weight-loss Package
    CAD $54.99
    Relora, Inositol Powder, Weight-loss Package Learn More
  11. For Mama & Baby
    CAD $59.99
    This Earth Mama Angel Baby Bundle is a pampering gift for pregnant mamas, with travel sizes of Earth Mama’s pregnancy safe comfort care. Learn More
  12. Essential Beauty Package
    CAD $69.99
    Zorah Essential Beauty Package Learn More
  13. Probiotic Support Kit
    CAD $74.99
    Probiotic, Gut, Good, Bacteria, 50 Billion, Learn More
  14. Pep In Your Step Kit
    CAD $75.99
    Energy, diffuser, kit, essential oil, bundle, Learn More
  15. Love at First Scent Kit
    CAD $89.99
    Love, Essential Oils, Kit, Scent, Bergamot, Cinnamon Cassia, Rose Absolute, Naturally Loveable, Learn More
  16. Peace Out and Quite Kit
    CAD $89.99
    Essential Oil, peace, calm, bamboo, diffuser. Learn More
  17. Super Food Kit
    CAD $94.99
    Special Two + Green Superfoods, Acai Concentrate Liquid, Organic Flax Oil Liquid, Whole White Chia Seed, Super Food Kit Learn More
  18. Flower Extract Kits
    CAD $125.99
    Geranium Oil, Bottled Bouquet EO Blend, Organic Lavender Oil, Pennyroyal Oil, Jasmine Absolute Learn More

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